Young Danish Punks Iceage Prepare ‘Challenging’ Second LP

Danish punk upstarts Iceage have announced that their second full-length LP, You’re Nothing, will be released February 19th via Matador. That’s the cover above, shot by Pooneh Ghana. The press release promises that the young lads, known for drawing blood at their live shows, have evolved their game since their excellent, blistering debut, New Brigade: ‘they’re challenging their raging emotions instead of simply expressing them’, it hints tantalizingly. As long as these kids continue to offer hardcore raveups on par with ‘White Rune’, below, we’re ready for whatever growing pains their customary ‘difficult second record’ throws our way.

You’re Nothing
Track Listing:

01. Ecstasy
02. Coalition
03. Interlude
04. Burning Hand
05. In Haze
06. Morals
07. Everything Drifts
08. Wounded Hearts
09. It Might Hit First
10. Rodfæstet
11. Awake
12. You’re Nothing

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