Watch: Jack White On ‘Portlandia’

There’s no need to mourn the loss of music television; all the best artists end up on IFC’s weirdo comedy ‘Portlandia’ anyway. The post-everything sketch show’s latest illustrious guest is Jack White, who graced this weekend’s holiday-themed special, ‘The Studio’. In a segment where Fred Armisen portrays an analog aficionado and Brian Wilson devotee desperate to attract a true music legend to his self-constructed home studio (which seems solely built to replicate the environment in which Pet Sounds was recorded). Lo and behold, just as Armisen appears on the brink of losing it, the noir blues rocker appears in a blaze of miraculous light. And the vintage future is reborn. Watch the video above.

‘Portlandia’s’ new season kicks off January 4th.

Image: Consequence of Sound.

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