Video: Scott Walker – ‘Epizootics!’

To celebrate this week’s release of the legendary Scott Walker’s fantastically insane, provocative, and completely boundary-crushing new album, Bish Bosch, here’s a 10 minute video clip for ‘Epizootics!’, a centrepiece track that highlights every reason you need to invest in this vital record. With abstract, foreboding lyrics like “when too much bone structure went missing!’ and unfurling free-range brass and percussion driving the song to an almost unbearable crescendo, it seems hellbent on imploding – and taking you with it – when it suddenly drops into eerie near silence, a zero gravity zone in Walker seems eminently comfortable. The accompanying video by Olivier Groulx, showcasing demented hula girls, a manic jitterbugging couple, and a pair of dapper white oxfords, seems equally gleaned from antimatter and deep space – and fittingly is one of the most compelling views of the year.

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