VICE presents Munchies: Charles Antoine Crete

Breaking from the trite and conservative glut of cooking shows, VICE’s Munchies yanks back the bib on restaurant culture and reveals all that’s been lost in the quest to make everyone “foodies.” Today, VICE releases the second Montreal-centric episode in its hit show Munchies, a series devoted to carousing around town with some of the planet’s most influential chefs, critics and eaters. This edition kicks off at Restaurant Toqué!, the brainchild of the endearingly-unhinged Charles Antoine Crête, who serves us up some flash-burned mackerel confit then takes us to André Nguyen’s Big In Japan for fried tofu in soy bouillon and a (too) generous supply of Japanese whiskey. Next up, Emily Homsy prepares some late-night breakfast and fois gras poutine before unwisely letting us into the kitchen to catch and trap live eels!  Finally, we end our night  at Saint Sacrement, where Charles improvises an omelette complete with eggshells, whole onions, and a napkin for garnish.  It should speak to his culinary skills that we still happily devoured this mess.