Times Square is Now A Pac-Man Level, Courtesy Google Maps


Image: telegraph.co.uk

And so is San Francisco’s curvy Lombard Street, but only for today. Google has a great reputation as one of the biggest April Fool’s Day pranksters on the internet. Last year, they announced the app WazeDates, a (joke) collaboration between GPS-based traffic navigation app Waze and Israeli-based dating software developer SingleSpotter. This service “alerts drivers to other likely singles on the road nearby. Wazers can adjust preferences to search for drivers based on age, sex, orientation and more. Once a desirable driver is found, users simply invite them to a destination by sharing their ride, or use Map Chat to say hello.”

Google has also previously teamed up with The Pokémon Company and Nintendo to develop an addition to Google Maps that allowed iOS and Android users the option to catch dozens of Pokémon creatures on Google Maps Pokémon Challenge. But that was the real deal, no jokes here.

Google Pac-Man isn’t really a joke either, just a little extra treat and some good old Fool’s Day fun. Here’s Times Square:


Image: mentalfloss.com

And Lombard Street:

Then try Forbidden City, Beijing:


Image: theguardian.com

 So go ahead, play the world on Pac-Man all day. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

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