The New My Bloody Valentine Is Finished(!)

Christmas bore a spectacular surprise for fans of seminal shoegaze band, My Bloody Valentine: their long-awaited, nearly mythical followup to 1991’s classic Loveless is complete. On Monday, the band casually dropped the bombshell on their Facebook page. ‘On 21-12-12 we finished mastering the new album!’ they stated simply, rocking nearly 17,000 (and counting) of their readers to their very foundations. Details on the actual release remain scant for now – which feels appropriate, given the sense of ceremony this occasion demands – but MBV founder Kevin Shields previously declared that the album would be out in the public by the end of 2012. Slim hopes of such a historic release getting a rush job servicing in the next five days, but we’ll take this as a sign that 2013 is going to kick off with a tremendous bang – a hell of a lot of reverb.

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