The Knife To Return With New Album in 2013

The Knife are back in ruthlessly oblique form. The influential Swedish electronic duo, cloaked in relative mystery the past few days, will release a new album, Shaking The Habitual in Spring 2013 on Mute Records. Their last studio effort, Silent Shout, came out six years ago and has gone on to cast a sinister shadow over the pop mechanics of many other dance acts, and has even tipped into the mainstream. The duo composed an experimental opera, Tomorrow, In A Year, in 2010, while female Knife half, Karin Dreijer Andersson, released a solo album under the moniker Fever Ray in 2009. Hints of the Knife’s latest effort are offered in the teaser video, ‘We asked our friends and lovers to help us’, seen above. Let the suspense manifest.

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