The Daily Meow – The 12 Meme’s of Christmas

Christmas is that special time of year when we gather ’round the fire with loved ones to demonstrate our shared affections with gifts. As for the other 364 days of the year, we normally show our fondness through the web with GIFs and memes. Which should probably no be pronounced meowmes ’cause there’s like three cats in this montage, including Nyan CatKeyboard Cat and Grumpy Cat.“The 12 Memes of Christmas” combines all of our favorite things about the Internet, jam-packed with holiday cheer. (Seriously, there’s more Christmas spirit crammed into this video than chopped nuts in a fruit cake.)

You can sing along by following the lyrics at the bottom of the video. Or, if you want to boogie down to this meme-tastic Christmas carol at your upcoming holiday party, you can download the song for free.


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