“Take Me Into The Night” By Bryant Eslava

by ThinkCONTRA   | 

Bryant Eslava is going to be a name you’re going to hear a lot of in the future. The 19-year-old photographer worked alongside the Ben Trovato blog for the 30 Days/30 Frames project earlier this year and recently, he debuted his first photo story for the site, entitled Take Me Into The Night. The story stars Lisa Saeboe, Brittany Cota, Hiann Lee, and Evan Richards, who happen to be friends of Eslava.

The concept behind the shoot was to photograph the youth being care-free, yet fashionable and reckless in the streets of New York City,” said Bryant. “The inspiration for this shoot was one of my own series that I did last year in California (2010). Pretty much the same idea behind the new shoot, but this time in NY.”

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