Sunday Morning Cures: Sweet Tea (The Black Angels & Heartless Bastards) – ‘After Laughter (Comes Tears)’ Wendy Rene Cover

A little bit of old school soul meets new school for this week’s Sunday Morning Cures. Alex Maas of psychedelic band The Black Angels and The Heartless Bastards‘ memebers Erika Wennerstrom and Jesse Ebaugh (operating under the name Sweet Tea) join together for a Wendy Rene’s classic, ‘After Laughter (Comes Tears)’. They actually stay pretty true to the original especially with the organs and the bass line, and Wennerstrom does a great job with the vocals. I think the only difference is that the drums pick up a little bit more in this rendition of the song, but it without straying away from its original pace.

The collaboration was done in celebration of Light In The Attic Record‘s 10 year anniversary where the label released a series of special colored 7″ vinyls and digital downloads, featuring contemporary artists covering a reissued song on the A-side, with the original on the B-side. It’s now available online.

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