Suave Like Sauvé – Sebastian Sauvé

We picked a model’s brain to see if there was anything in there and it turns out that Sebastian Sauvé (Premier London) is more than just a pretty boy. Even if he is the ultimate model-photographer cliche. I mean when you look like this, you have to ride the wave, any which way it goes. American model Sebastian Sauvé came on the scene in 2009, gaining momentum through editorial work published in magazines, ranging from Esquire UK and Dansk to Citizen K, and just the other day for Fucking Young!’s  first ever cover. Catching the attention of casting directors, it was not long before Sebastian hit the runway walking for labels that include Frankie Morello and Calvin Klein. He has since gone on to snag campaigns for Zara Young, Stone Island and Frankie Morello. He’s on the perpetual crest of some inexplicably beautiful shore of a place that only exists in dreams, or, alternatively, in the glossy pages of magazines, or alternatively still, on his personal website,, from which I stole the title for this feature.  Chock full of photos worthy of the hash tag #ModelLife, Sebastian or ‘Seb’ as he’s often referred to, is kind of burgeoning on the scene. In a world where everyone’s a model, photographer and creative director, how do you legitimize yourself? Well, you don’t. This is, in Seb’s words, “professional bullshitting!”

Photos c/o Sebastian from his travels in Milan, London, Nigeria, New York, Tokyo, many of them exclusive and unpublished.

What’s it like being an English man in America?
Awesome. It certainly helps that I am American too. I just lived in England for 15 years.

What is the best part of being a model?
Awesome free food at shoots and shows. Also meeting the world.

What is the worst?
Planes and lines.

What do you wish you could dispel in the industry…something people think that is actually untrue?
The average model earns below minimum wage.

Do you ever think to be something else?
A better model. Kidding. Of course I do, many more things. I’m not nearly done yet…

Why did you start taking pictures?
So I could remember where I’ve been.

What was your favorite magazine shoot?
Men’s Health Germany.

What is beauty?
A shorter version of beautiful. And also whatever you want it to be.

Something people don’t know about you is….
I’m actually a witch in disguise named Deloris. (He also doesn’t pluck his eyebrows).

What does a male model eat?
I can’t answer for them but I eat absolutely everything I can as often as I can especially if it’s free food. I can out-eat most. My favorite is a everything-in-the-fridge-wich.

What do you do for fun?
Eat, sleep, watch, play, dance, meet, explore, rage, etc.

What is important advice for someone interested in modeling?
Don’t be interested in modeling; all the best ones aren’t. What I mean is don’t try too hard or you’ll ruin it for yourself.

Has modeling always been a dream of yours?
Nope. Marketing has.

Is life easier if your face is symmetrical?
Have you seen my face?! It’s the opposite of symmetrical, no?

Who have you shot for/with?
My mom, and then some (Google will answer this better).

What do you think about…

Street style?

Fashion Week?

Cathy Horyn?

Anna Wintour?

Sponge Bob Square Pants?
Sponge Seb square face.

Mitt Romney?
Again, who?


New York City?
Fuck yeah!

Why do you think it’s important to share your life?
Marketing myself, my image, getting myself known and learning about others. Where to be, how to dress, who’s cool, what’s not, etc. It’s critical in my position: professional bull-shitting!

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