Steam Miami: The City’s Newest and Funkiest Nightclub

12:48 AM Friday (technically Saturday) and I had already drank just over two-thirds of Santa Teresa rum with the help of my friend Barney. Being such experienced (responsible) drinkers of Cuba Libre we wondered if we had actually drank that much or if someone else had politely helped themselves without us knowing. Meanwhile, overlooking FIU from the brand new 109 Tower Student Apartments, we began admitting to ourselves that this party had no potential whatsoever… so we did the old Irish goodbye and head to the car.

Being Friday night, we both know where we were going even without discussing it. Blackbird in Brickell never fails, but this time I didn’t want to bump into the usual crowd, not yet at least. I proposed we go to Steam in Downtown, a new club neither of us had been to yet.  After a while of bickering we come to terms: we’d go to Steam first and finish the night off at Blackbird where the rest of our friends were. We recruit another friend en route to Steam, and venture over.

As we approach the club the streets are dark with barely anyone around for blocks. Perched on one of these dark, unassuming corners is Steam.


Photo courtesy Steam Miami

We enter and I’m immediately surprised by the floor-to-ceiling chain wall and swings hanging from the ceiling. Just a few steps past the entrance I found myself in front of the bar, checking out the DJ booth, bottle service tables and dance floor in the middle of the room. Along the walls were small podiums for entertainment — dancers and dwarves, specifically — (or maybe the rum I had been drinking already got the best of me). The DJ played some pretty sick tracks, unlike most DJs in Miami that just press play on Sound Cloud. I wandered outside to Steam’s patio and was immediately reminded of Wood Tavern’s burrito stand, but this grill in the corner of Steam’s backyard seemed to offer much more tempting food.

The verdict: Steam is a go. We’ll definitely be going back, but next time with a bigger group. And if you need any more convincing, unlike other nightclubs Steam has no cover, so you can spend those extra $30 on drinks.Even though it wasn’t completely packed, in two or three weeks time I know people will be making the line around the dark, desolate block to get in.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana'