Signe Kassow – One Fine Dane

by Lauren Festa

If blogging was around circa 1954, there may have been a few that looked a little, actually a lot, like Wunderbuzz, a blog curated by Signe Kassow. However, given our current disposition, while most bloggers seek to get their hands on what’s new before it’s new, Signe would gladly let you have it.

The Danish blogger, currently based out of East London, has an affinity for the old and the whimsical, “Is there anything more classy than writing on a typewriter with leather gloves on? I doubt it,” she quips, but also finds inspiration and connection to the modern “I also look at new things, if people have created something wonderful today.”

Her blog is more historical than timely, but it’s this quality that makes Wunderbuzz timeless.

Teeming with female icons of beauty that are often recreated but never imitated, Wunderbuzz celebrates ‘wunder’ women, for both their beauty and strength.  Veruschka, Georgia O’Keeffe, Audrey Hepburn, shown in beautiful and rare instances by photographers like Alfred Stieglitz, Frank Horvat, Carlos Nunez, Scott Trindle, and Richard Avedon.

Signe reminds us that a womans’ beauty is unaffected by ticking clocks. She shows them and their vices, through photos, ads and magazines.

Street style, self portraits and nudie shots aren’t anything new. Just look. Signe invites you to ‘dive in’ and consult quirky images, unusual collaborations and intriguing creations, all found among the Wunderbuzz archive, consisting of 1,206 posts and 575 comments, contained within 16 categories – and counting. Tags include Creations, Attention, Buzz, Featured, Mixtapes, People, Wonders, Wundertip.

And throughout the blog on the right-ish hand side, you’ll find bits of quotes under Thoughts, like these:

“I’m very fascinated by things that many people define as ugly, because, I think there is beauty in everything.”
— Rebekka C. Nielsen, designer


“I think that more and more people around the world want to be inspired by real people, and they can relate more to people on the blogs than to models in magazines.”
— Yvan Rodic, Founder of Facehunter

Signe admits, the blog has opened up many doors, paid access to a few soirées, and has been a vehicle in meeting and expanding her network of like-minded creatives. But it wasn’t her intention to start a blog on the sole premise that it might gain her notoriety. In fact, when she started Wunderbuzz in June of 2008, she “had no idea of what Wunderbuzz would turn into.” It was all from the heart, an honest expression of herself, and what she deems ‘wonderful’.

Wunderbuzz is a blog, in a sense, but we feel a bit crass calling it such, because it’s really beautiful, well written, impeccably sourced, and continuously refreshing with each new post. Like sipping a tall glass of pink lemonade on a hot summers day, we just can’t get enough. So what is this Wunderbuzz? Easily put, explorations of wonderful things.

But don’t take our word for it. Signe explains further.

Where are you from?
I’m Danish and I grew up in Copenhagen, but I now live in East London.

Where did the name, Wunderbuzz, come from?
It’s taken from the word ‘Wonderful’ in German, which is ‘Wunderbar’, and mixed with the word ‘Buzz’ because it sounds cool.

How does where you live affect how you work?
It affects me very much! That’s why I love living in East London. Here I always get inspired by people, buildings and places. I think the place you live shapes you and your thoughts, so if you live in a city where you have a lot of cultural opportunities, people are open for new things, and the sky is the limit, then I believe, you’ll also become more open-minded and set your goals higher.

Did you study in a related field?
No but I intend to. I have a bachelor in Business Administration and Economics, and my profile has always been diverse. I’m not the typical business student, who wishes to continue on studying an MA in a business-related subject. Instead, I want to combine my business knowledge with a visual, humanistic aspect to strengthen my profile. So my plan is to study an MA in Visual Culture.

Do you remember your first blog post?
Yes. It was about the Chloé perfume. At that point I had no idea of what Wunderbuzz would turn into.

How long has Wunderbuzz been running?
Since June 2008.

Where did the idea come from?
I think the reason why I’m writing a lot about people and creations from the past, is because there’s no time-limit for wonderful things. If I just wanted to know about the latest news, I would read the newspaper. My idea is to inspire people by writing about wonderful creations, and they could be created today or be over 100 years old, as long as they are amazing. I also look at new things, if people have created something wonderful today.

Speaking of content, did you have a specific idea in mind of what you would blog about when you started?
No, I just knew I didn’t want it to be about me, but about what I like, and that it should have a positive feeling, so I wouldn’t write blog posts about what I dislike.

Favourite blog?
I can’t name only one. I have my Google Reader filled with blogs! I’m very focused on the photo part, so I have a lot of Tumblr Blogs on my list.

How do you pick what to post?
The post has to have the ‘Wunder feel’ about it. It’s difficult to describe in words because it’s much more a visual thing,  but if I had to use some keywords it would be feminine,  quirky,  sexy and classy.

There’s a tonne of blogs out there. What makes Wunderbuzz different?
That it’s curated by me. Every good blog has something unique because there’s a different person behind it to decide which blogposts to post. Wunderbuzz is definitely unique in both the design and content, and this is really important to me. Besides that, I haven’t seen a blog with the same atmosphere as Wunderbuzz, and I think this is a combination of how I find photos and mix them together.

Do you search with a post idea in mind, or do you wait for something to catch your eye?
Sometimes I see a photo that gives me an idea for a blog post, and I look for the photos I want to use, but often I just stumble upon something that I want to post. So I guess it depends.

Describe your blog in a word..or a few.
Feminine, sexy, quirky and classy.

How do you view blogs, as a source for information?
Everything is a source of information, I think. Blogs are no excuse, but the problem with blogs is that almost everyone has a blog these days. So they bombard us with information and only a few of them create interesting information. We need a place where all this information gets sorted, so we don’t have to browse through a lot of rubbish blogs.

There’s been talk that some people put blogs down because they aren’t part of mainstream media. Thoughts?
I think it’s important to know that blogs are a new form of media. Some of them are actually becoming part of the established media, because they are working for magazines and other established media. The good think about blogs is that they can express their own opinion about subjects, without having a commercial goal. Unfortunately we have seen many blogs loosing their credibility after being sponsored by companies, which for me is a very sad thing. The best blogs are the blogs who only collaborate with brands they believe in and still keep express their own opinions. Blogs are becoming part of the mainstream media, so they are definitely a new force to be reckoned with.

How does being a web-based publication affect you?
It gives me many new opportunities. Wunderbuzz has become my online portfolio in a way, and it gives people an idea of my editing and curating skills. Luckily, I haven’t experienced any negative things from having Wunderbuzz.

Can you tell us about an experience you had, an event you attended, or a person you’ve met that came about as a result of the blog?
I remember being invited to a fashion show for the first time, and seeing “Signe Wunderbuzz” on one of the seats, that meant a lot. It sort of became alive in reality.

What’s on your playlist?
Oh Land, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Soundtrack to A Single Man, Warpaint, Robyn, Paloma Faith, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Strokes and David Bowie. To name a few.

Why WordPress?
I just prefer the interface.

Favourite photo?
It’s so difficult for me to name only one photo, but I really like these two photos by the amazing Peter Lindbergh and Richard Avedon, in this blogpost.

Is Wunderbuzz a full-time gig?
I haven’t tried. But I work full-time at a gallery and I post at Wunder in my spare time.

Maintaining a blog can be tricky. How do you keep up on top of the daily postings?
It important to know that I don’t earn any money from Wunderbuzz, it’s my passion. So that should say it, right? It’s just a matter of how much passion you have, because you’ll always find time if you have the passion for something.

What’s next for you/the blog?
I have a lot of ideas. I think the Wunderbuzz universe has potential to become a lot bigger. It could be something like a gallery in the Wunderbuzz spirit, a book or, events. The important thing is that it fit’s to the “Wunderfeel”.

Have you thought about a print version of Wunderbuzz?
Yes, but let’s wait and see.

Advice for new bloggers?
If you want to start your own blog, do it for yourself and not for anyone else. Don’t do it because you want to become famous, do it because you have a need to express yourself, and don’t expect anyone to read it. See if you still find it interesting after six months, and if not, then stop. If you do, then keep on and if you have something unique to offer, people will start reading it.

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