Rob Garcia – En Noir ‘Monochromatic Minimalism’

Get familiar with designer Rob Garcia as he shows Complex Magazine the method to the madness of the En Noir brand in the latest installment of their Cut and Show series.

Complex first talked about En Noir when we spotted none other than Kanye West rocking their leather sweatpants in the “Birthday Song” music video—other celebrities quickly followed suit. That’s when  they tracked down designer Rob Garcia and rapper CurT@!n$ in order to find out a little bit more about the brand. As they delved deeper into the mythology surrounding En Noir, the cooler it became.

Today, En Noir’s official e-boutique re-opens, offering up some of the brand’s most coveted pieces to the masses.

Infusing streetwear staples like T-shirts, sweats, and varsity jackets with luxurious fabrics like calfskin leather, and filtering them through a gothic lens, En Noir is the thinking man’s fashion label. Geared towards the style-conscious guy who is still down with the streets where he came from, the prominent black aesthetic of the line and precise tailoring is the kind of look we see prominent rappers like A$AP Rocky championing.

The designer also collaborated with Jun Cha last year for Black Scale.

via Cut and Show

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