RIP Gérard Pelletier of Pioneering Synth Duo, Deux

Very sad news to report this morning: Gérard Pelletier, founder of French early 80s synthpop duo Deux, passed away on January 1st at his home in Cannes. The act’s music had enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years, thanks to acclaimed re-releases on the tireless Minimal Wave label. In fact, today marks the second edition re-release of Deux’s excellent Decadence LP, which you can order here. It contains the classic ‘Game and Performance’, a slinky spies-on-the-dancefloor track that has crept back onto the club circuit nearly 30 years after its initial release. Watch it above.

Minimal Wave also posted a tribute to Pelletier on its homepage last night, including personal quotes about the origins of his synth-led life. ‘I was in Germany when I heard Kraftwerk for the first time,’ he reflected. ‘It was a revelation for me… and I thought “I want to make electronic music!” A month later, I took the train to Strasbourg with the intention of buying a synthesizer and I found my first electronic machine, a Kawai made of metal and wood. It was a sound research machine, not very easy to use but I found it very powerful to create my own sounds.’

Photo: Courtesy of Minimal Wave.

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