Rick Owens Men’s Sleeveless Floor Length Dress

There is something so mysterious, avant-garde and attractive about a man fashionably, and that is the key word, wearing a dress. No, I’m not talking about cross-dressers (although, I know many who can sashay in dress better than I ever could), I’m talking about straight men who hone their masculinity, appreciate unconventionality and are indifferent to the social gender dress codes and wear whatever they want despite what people may think. Minimalist fashion designer Rick Owens knows took wind of this need and decided to fill the void designing a sleek androgynous sleeveless floor length dress made of a textured wool blend. Equipped with paneling at the back for ventilation, the dress is understated and makes for a great canvas to build with accessories. This is added to my list of ‘Things I Love Seeing on Men’ which also includes: crop tops, (see Calvin Klein) and skirts (see: Marc Jacobs & Kanye West). The Rick Owens Men’s Sleeveless Dress is available at Oki-ni.

via Selectism

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