Rediscovering Antoni & Alison by Susie Bubble

I read a lot of stuff, every day, and while this opening sentence might not affirm that, I wanted to share one of those said things with you. Reading Susie Bubble – which I don’t always do – I found this interview she posted about an hour ago, with “Antoni & Alison, a fashion duo that have had endured and existed throughout the years, without a massive amount of fanfare, which makes rediscovering their work now such a joy.

You’d be forgiven, particularly if you’re not a Brit fashion obsessive, for perhaps not know who Antoni & Alisonare.  Actually, Antoni Burakowski and Alison Roberts themselves would chuckle, smile and happily sit you down with a nice cup of tea and tell you all about their madcap trajectory.”

I like how Susie takes it back and takes it slow for this one, as do the duo designers. Take some time and peep the interview that reads like a play here. “Who better to tell the story than the designers themselves?”

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