Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2013 Bi-Colored Sweater

Cool? Creepy? It’s somewhere in between. Looks like orange-strawberry sherbet, and I say looks and not tastes here because there is a giant eye and a pun to be made, and also sweaters don’t taste like things. Unless of course, some genius fabric people came up with that. Bicolored cotton sweatshirt, embroidered printed square, long sleeves, round neckline. In one of Kurt Cobain’s most memorable portraits, he’s wearing a floral dress. That grunge memory seem to have directly inspired Raf Simons’ spring summer collection portraying a romantic bad boy. Tailored coat with pleated floral back, shorts with slits, shirt with floral collars, conceptual sneakers, oversize tees with painted faces prints by L.A. artist Brian Calvin were displayed in a color palette opposing black and white with acidulated colors. Once again with the designer, androgyny meets punk. Available at colette.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana