PRIESTESS NYC presents ‘Happy Paranoia’ (Video)

Cody Ross, creator of  PRIESTESS NYC , has been carving out a place for himself in the global fashion scene over the past few years with work that falls somewhere between punk-inspired art, street-style clothes emphasizing unisex wearability and an overall oeuvre imbued with a dark romanticism. The past few seasons he’s been teaming up with bestie and ace videographer Brittany Kubat (who is one half of Kubat & Billot—NYC’s answer to SHOWstudio) to produce fashion, digital film and manic multi-media featuring the culty brand.

Upholding an intelligent and conceptual approach to clothing—far removed from the fake, celebrity-endorsed forms, of which Cody dislikes (“doubt you’ll see Kim Kardashian in PRIESTESS NYC,” he argues!)—Cody is becoming well known in underground art and design circles. The newest PRIESTESS NYC film, produced by Kubat & Billot, is a visceral work of imagistic poetry involving a lone ingénue (Cody’s favorite model Kara Searle), smoke machines, an atmospheric soundtrack and snazzy video edits that conjure a kind of hallucinatory realism.

Satisfying his accessible-with-an-edge criteria is a slick dress with lambskin asymmetrical paneling (derived, evidently, from the fin of a CIA drone), a lovely elongated tee-dress with retina-tickling pointillistic prints and ‘unisex’ jewelry that would flag Homeland Security the second you set foot in JFK. Amazing makeup artist Darci Louise came out to glam-up the aesthetic adding an upbeat yet slightly mad veneer (the video is entitled ‘Happy Paranoia’, by the way!).

Anyway, we loooove! Check out the video here and buy some PRIESTESS NYC and know that your purchase will help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Happy Paranoia Priestess NYC from Kubat & Billot on Vimeo.

PRIESTESS NYC will join forces with Think CONTRA during New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week A/W 2013 at nightlife temple TOY. RSVP here for the bash:



Music: Nosaj Thing, Quest (Low Limit Remix)
Sexy Model: Kara Searle
Footwear: Raphael Young
Fashion: Cody Ross / PRIESTESS NYC
Make up: Darci Louise
(Select Pix of model Shawfay Guo by Roger Kisby; styled by Jessica Park)


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