Prediction: Coachella Comeback Bodes Well For La Roux

by Colleen Nika   | 

It has been nearly four years since La Roux released their fluorescent debut, Grammy-winning album, but their recent comeback tour trail suggests their massively delayed follow-up release is finally on its way. This weekend, Elly Jackson and her fellow British cohorts played a late Sunday night set at Coachella, and whipped the crowd into the same frenzy they would have in 2010 — festivals have a knack for defying time and logic. Aside from obvious set-closer “Bulletproof”, which got the Mojave tent jumping skyward, La Roux debuted several new songs, such as the seemingly Chic-influenced “Tropical Chancer” and “Kiss And Not Tell,” which were met with a favorable response. This bodes well for the act’s overall resurgence on pop radio in the (hopefully very) near future. It also indicates that for once a wonderfully oddball British pop act may transcend dubious one-hit wonder status in the USA. Groove along to “Tropical Chancer” above.

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