Path of Beauty – A Glimpse into an Empty Louvre Museum (Video)

by Matt Ho   | 

Florent Igla originally shot Path of Beauty for the Musée du Louvre and Nintendo, but he decided to show an uncut version of his beautifully shot clip which shows a woman walking into a very empty Louvre alone. The only thing that could’ve made this better was if it was filmed at night, but an excellent short nonetheless.

The woman : Eve Claudel

Director : Florent Igla
DOP : Benjamin Ramalho
Steadicam operator & Camera : Aymeric Colas
First AC : Sonia Bisch
Editor : Camille Guyot
Color Grader : Arthur Paux
Flame Artist : Gregg Langlois
Smoke Artist : Bruno Beaudouin
Production Company : O.I.
Client : Musée du Louvre de Paris & Nintendo

Music : Sigur Rós – “Suð Í Eyrum”

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