Path of Beauty – A Glimpse into an Empty Louvre Museum (Video)

Florent Igla originally shot Path of Beauty for the Musée du Louvre and Nintendo, but he decided to show an uncut version of his beautifully shot clip which shows a woman walking into a very empty Louvre alone. The only thing that could’ve made this better was if it was filmed at night, but an excellent short nonetheless.

The woman : Eve Claudel

Director : Florent Igla
DOP : Benjamin Ramalho
Steadicam operator & Camera : Aymeric Colas
First AC : Sonia Bisch
Editor : Camille Guyot
Color Grader : Arthur Paux
Flame Artist : Gregg Langlois
Smoke Artist : Bruno Beaudouin
Production Company : O.I.
Client : Musée du Louvre de Paris & Nintendo

Music : Sigur Rós – “Suð Í Eyrum”

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