Paco Rabanne: Clothes For The Modern Spy

Paco Rabanne Metal Insert Turtleneck, $325, Penelope.

Manish Arora’s 2012 reawakening of space-age vanguard Paco Rabanne’s namesake brand conjures visions of Lady Gaga in exuberant orb dresses and chainmail body stockings. But while futuristic design was absolutely always integral to Rabanne’s plight, at its best, it was as minimal and sophisticated as it was outrageous in its source material – check out Francois Hardy’s iconic ‘Rhodoid’ shift dress made of metallic discs as evidence. Though Arora has already handed over the creative director reigns to Givenchy associate Lydia Maurer, their combined renewed vision for Paco Rabanne has restored the pioneering label to a buzz entity. Freshly relevant to editorial, its sci-fi friendly body of work is both contemporary and retro-futuristic . As such, there’s a wealth of good Rabanne pieces – both archival and current – available again. We did a little detective work and found some impressively pantherine looks for a future noir army — or, if you prefer, clothes for the modern spy — up for grabs at various international boutiques for (relatively) earthbound prices.

Paco Rabanne Archival Headpiece, $618, RA, Antwerp.

Paco Rabanne Archive Belted Mini Dress, $1150, Anastasia Boutique.

Paco Rabanne Laser Disc ‘1969’ Bag, $736, Concept Store, Brussels.

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