PRIESTESS NYC’s Cody Ross conjured CIA drones, goth-Pop and hosted an exclusive bash with think CONTRA x Agency V at nightlife temple TOY in the Meat Packing district of NYC.

The big theme at PRIESTESS NYC’s presentation-cum-party on Saturday night at TOY was ‘drone explorations’–-designer Cody Ross’ fixation with covert action and giddy goth-Pop. His other preoccupations were girls in combat, underground art and unisex streetwear.  In addition, Cody was playing around with (dis-)proportion and skewed-geometry this season, and that was fodder enough for a killer collection. His experiments mostly centered on toying with the hem and volume of dresses, trousers and tops, and the women’s looks ran the gamut of asymmetrical shapes on pants, silk-jersey ‘reversibles’ with leather appliques and alien-knits to contour-fitting deconstructed wife-beaters that could be worn as dresses or shirts.

The range of unisex was somewhat less broad, with Cody emphasizing interesting androgyny and dangerous accessories (with extremely sharp spiked rings and clutches). His most interesting proposition was the lambskin top reminiscent of Blade Runner, which he showed over sublime white and black paneled leggings and pants. Those pants seemed like a fashion-forward item for extreme avant-gardians; nevertheless, Cody dished-out a preponderance of functional clothing with lovely layerable qualities and commendable construction.

On the whole, this collection had a nice unity, despite its various digressions. The tone was dark, consistent and seriously cool; Cody’s sartorial experiments were extremely thoughtful, and that alone sufficed. We also enjoyed the scantily-clad aerialist vixen swinging from the ceiling at TOY and the droves of super-models that came out including Joan Smalls, Madeline Kragh, Cara Delevingne and Magdalena Frackowiak.

s/o Designer Cody Ross, Kubat & Billot, PRIESTESS NYC, Make up by Jessi Butterfield, hair by ChristopherRitchey
with styling by Jessica Park and pictures by Roger Kisby.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana