No Noise. Selfridges

In a world becoming increasingly filled with information and stimulation overload it’s inevitable the noise levels would spike as well. In a move to try and reign in the sound, Selfridges is reintroducing The Silence Room. The idea was first dreamt up in 1909 by Harry Selfridge. He always had an affinity for quiet. Now over a century later his initial concept will be reinstated. No Noise has partnered with Headspace and The Idler to help you navigate and find balance in an increasingly fast-paced environment. The initiative stretches past retail, inviting consumers to to celebrate the power of quiet and experience shopping using other senses to see beauty and function, and ultimately designed to instill calmness in the crowds. Some of fashions most recognizable brands have taken a forward step by removing logos to participate in the de-branded products available in the Quiet Shop. On top of this already intriguing experience, Selfridges will also be showcasing specially commissioned art installations in their windows and staging performances to nurture the imagination, including a performance of John Cage’s 4’33”. The room will debut January 7th and close at the end of February. We are sure it will instill a heavy (albeit quiet) buzz.

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