New Video: Sky Ferreira – ‘Lost In My Bedroom’

The lovely young Sky Ferreira deservedly commanded overdue critical attention in 2012, and now stands as one of 2013’s most-likely crossover stars (a rather ‘meta’ process: a major label signee releases an eclectic EP featuring sharpened individualist sensibilities, uniting listeners of both Top 40 and the pop underground as they continue to haze into one collapsed omnipop free-for-all). In any case, here’s her latest spartan clip for ‘Lost In My Bedroom’, a ‘rave of one’s own’ affair directed by friend and co-conspirator, Grant Singer. Seems like a suitable precursor to high tech, low-life-obsessed IRL, the Patrik Sandberg-scripted/Singer-directed film in which Ferreira stars, to be released this Spring.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana'