MOCAtv Art in the Streets – Swoon’s Konbit Shelter (Video)

A very inspiring episode from MOCAtv’s latest Art in the Streets installment, where they interview artist Caledonia ‘Swoon’ Curry on transitioning from being a studio artist to a street artist, her project Swimming Cities of Serenissima, as well as her philanthropic work in Bigones-Leogane, Haiti to build Konbit Shelters for the community.

Caledonia Curry aka; “Swoon” Artist
Ben Wolf, Artist
Indie, Artist
Cope, Artist
Michilo Auxsanvile, Bigones Resident, Moto-Taxi Driver
Evelyn Olibere, Bigones Resident, Student
Francoise Cetoulouse, Bigones Resident
Monique Pierre, Bigones Resident

Director, Editor, Fredric King
Director of Photography, Tod Seelie

Artwork courtesy of Caledonia Curry “Swoon”
Konbit Shelter footage courtesy of Haiti Redux, Fountainhead Transmedia, Inc.
“Ayiti Pakapab Ankó” Sung by Nadine Bonne Annee
Photos courtesy of Tod Seelie
Tags by Indie and Cope

Konbit Shelter Crew
Caledonia Curry “Swoon”, Artist
Ben Wolf, Artist
KT Tierney, Artist
Tod Seelie, Photographer
Craig Maldonado, Designer, Builder
James Cross, Builder
Bill Rice, Artist
Moses Grub, Carpenter

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