MOCAtv Art in the Streets: RISK – The Skid Row Mural Project (Video)

An excellent episode of MOCAtv’s latest Art in the Streets series featuring graffiti artist RISK who talks about evoking emotion and awareness in art, as well as his goals going into Skid Row to paint his mural.

Directed by Todd Mazer

Executive Producers
Ethel Seno
Alex Stapleton

A Just Mix Media Production

Produced by Daniel Lahoda
Produced by Todd Mazer
Consulting Producer: Ira Stone
Director of Photography: Todd Mazer
Edited by Parker Detchon
Associate Producer: Charnice Burns
Associate Producer: Adam Corlin
First A.D.: Bryan “Birdman” Meier
Pilot: Zachary Bryson

Mural Crew

Adam Corlin
Dana Gustafson
Daniel Lahoda
Sloan Upton

In Association with LA Freewalls and MOCA

Music by


“Turn Around”
“Evil Dancer”
“Hangin’ Out”

Special Thanks:

Bryson Air
LALA Gallery
Montana Black
Montana Gold
Skid Row Housing Trust

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