MOCAtv presents Artists Talk – FriendsWithYou

“If you feel fucked up and alone, we’re kind of here like, ‘hey, everyone feels like that. But we’re here. We’re friends with you.”

This amazing, uplifting, simple idea to make art that knows no bounds of medium – except for maybe comic books – is a look inside the world of FriendsWithYou.

Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III are FriendsWithYou. Their sole aim is to spread the positive message of Magic, Luck, and Friendship™.

Turning the austerity and inaccessibility of the fine art world on its head, FriendsWithYou create immersive, depoliticized environments in which viewers can become participants and players. Conceptually, FriendsWithYou’s experiential art work is in conversation with Relational Aesthetics and the work of Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, and Damien Hirst. In practice, Borkson and Sandoval make work whose power lies in its ability to provoke curiosity, laughter, and connectivity.

In Part I, FriendsWithYou talks about the genesis and lifespan of their various large-scale projects. In Part II, FriendsWithYou and Alia hang out in the duo’s Los Angeles studio.

Produced and Directed by Lance Bangs
Edited by Weston Currie
Animation and titles by Johnny Woods –
Music courtesy of Nick Thorburn

About the Author: Fernando Bendana'