Miami Fresh: Richard Prince’s Lemon Fizz

This week, Richard Prince will offer Miami Art Basel attendees a a very literal ‘taste’ of his work…in the form of a soft drink. Partnering up with beverage company Arizona, Prince is set to unveil his custom artisanal soda, “Richard Prince Lemon Fizz.” This news contrasts humorously with events of four years ago, when the artist’s ‘Overseas Nurse’ painting fetched $8.4 million at a Sotheby’s auction. Now, for roughly a dollar and a quarter, Prince’s new tangy treat offers drinkable doses of key career milestones, including, indeed, a scene from his infamous ‘Nurse Paintings’ painting series – which memorably inspired the art direction of both a Sonic Youth record and a deviant Louis Vuitton collection. “The graphics on the can reminded me of a baseball card,” Prince told  The New York Times. “I started looking at it as memorabilia. I thought I could do something with my own history where the final result would be pretty far away from art.”  A bold trash/high art cultural collision as far from art, perhaps, as some might argue the Art Basel institution has strayed. Somewhere, Andy Warhol is grinning knowingly.

Image credit: Arizona.

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