Meryl Pataky’s “Cellar Door”


I love neon signs, like I love bananas, or kittens or dark chocolate. These things are perfect as they are.

Time, money, and patience is needed to work with a medium like neon lighting and Meryl Pataky is quite the light magician. Her work has been popping up in shows in San Francisco, and she was recently featured in Hi-Fructose for her typographical neon in the group show “Word Play” at Design Matters in Los Angeles.

But in this most recent endeavor, a solo show titled “Cellar Door” in the Shooting Gallery Project Space, she intermixed her love for the noble gases with organic plants, creating a live wall in collaboration with David Brenner of Habitat Horticulture. The live wall has a water filtration system beneath it, so it’s self sustainable. Please contact Shooting Gallery for information if you’re interested in snagging a print, or any of the other pieces. They are all available. Photos by Abby Wilcox.



via livefastmag

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