Mark Your Calendars: New Autechre Album, ‘Exai’, Due In March

Hues of their mindbending productions colour the approach of many of 2012’s breakout electronic acts, including Andy Stott, but monumentally influential British ‘IDM’ duo Autechre are back to remind us of their own iconic status with their first new material in three years. The pioneers will release their 11th studio album, Exai, in March 2013, via their loyal parent label, WARP. As always, the packaging is by The Designer’s Republic and thoughtfully rendered in cerebral graphics; it will be available as a deluxe 4 piece vinyl set, a double CD, and a high quality download. Pre-order here. Tracklisting after the jump.

The album’s title also keeps alive Autechre’s tradition for inventing surgical-sounding neologisms (though, fittingly, ‘Exai’ is also a popular web-platform building company that allows users to customize their sites through the wonders of artificial intelligence). 2010’s Oversteps saw the act soften and warm their sound, favoring free-flowing ambient structures over their classic antagonistic bass blitz; whether Exai continues that humanizing approach or sucker punches the listener is anyone’s guess. The punchier ‘y7′, from ‘Move of Ten’ of the same year, is below:

01. FLeure
02. irlite (get 0)
03. prac-f
04. jatevee C
05. T ess xi
06. vekoS
07. Flep
08. tuinorizn
09. bladelores
10. 1 1 is
11. nodezsh
12. runrepik
13. spl9
14. cloudline
15. deco Loc
16. recks on
17. YJY UX

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