Lucy Folk’s Bento Box

Hmm, that may have come out wrong. But we aren’t talking about boxes, nor are we even talking about Asian food. This is about jewelry, and a collaboration between Australian designer Lucy Folk and Yukimi Nagano, the Swedish/Japanese lead singer of electro-pop band Little Dragon, on a collection inspired by bento box meals. Motifs include pumpkin seeds and grains of rice, while the palette of the more colorful pieces incorporates pickled ginger pink and wasabi green.

According to Folk, she and Nagano met through a mutual friend, and quickly discovered their mutual affection for each other’s work. Collaboration seemed a natural next step. “Because Yukimi grew up with a Japanese father who loved to cook, it seemed fitting that we create our bento collection using a smattering of the much-loved cuisine of her childhood,” Folk explains. Now that the collection is arriving in stores, Folk and Nagano are celebrating in two ways: On Wednesday, they’re throwing a launch party at Colette, featuring actual, comestible bento boxes, as well as a Little Dragon DJ set, and today, they’re debuting their video for the collection exclusively on Keep an eye out.

via stylefile

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