Just One Eye x Damien Hirst x The Row – The Pill Pack

Just One Eye has collaborated with artist Damien Hirst and MK & A’s The Row to create these product-as-art packs, which represent, according to Just One Eye’s website, “a fascinating study on contrast.” From an artistic perspective, there’s a certain flair, perhaps due to the commentary the pill pack (which is just one of a series including varied other polka-dotted versions) may or may not be making. Some people are hating on this bag (is it fashionable? functional?) I have a question for the skeptics – Who Cares? I really, really love it. I think it’s nostalgic of rave days, kids in high school, escaping into the realms of pill popping and dancing, with the ultimate youth carry-all: the back pack. If Karl Lagerfeld can put a hula-hoop on your shoulder this Spring, and Yoko Ono can sell you pants with hand prints on the crotch, why then is this so outrageous? Open your minds people. I hear molly helps with that.

A portion of the proceeds go to UNICEF, a la “at Damien’s discretion” – whatever that means – which is good, considering the bag retails for $55,000.


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