Juergen Teller Shoots Emma Stone for W Magazine

by Matt Ho   | 

Photographer Juergen Teller gets behind the lens to shoot actress Emma Stone for W Magazine’s February 2013 issue. Read the full interview here.

via Pursuitist

2 Responses to “Juergen Teller Shoots Emma Stone for W Magazine”

  1. Jackie says:

    This dude is the worst fuckin photographer, it’s so annoying.  He also made her look like a crackhead. People are such sheep for names.

    • Lauren Festa says:

      Hey Jackie, though I can appreciate your opinion, I guess it’s kind of the same thing for Terry Richardson and the like. But people will hate what is popular, sometimes solely because it is popular. But think about how Juergen took a form of photography like fashion, and has made images that make us stop and think and look. I think he’s one of the few who has made an impression on that industry as an image maker. But that’s just my opinion…

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