JetBlue’s Plan to Take You to Cuba


Beginning July 3rd, JetBlue will offer weekly nonstop flights from New York to Havana, but that’s not the big news. The airline’s plans for commercial flights to Cuba extend far beyond this. According to a JetBlue executive, they have some pretty big plans to become the number 1 carrier to Cuba from the US. “If Cuba opens up, we will put as much supply as possible into the market and the most seats into the market,” Scott Laurence, the Senior Vice President of airline planning, told BuzzFeed News. They don’t just want to be the first to get in one this, they want to be the leader.


But we’re still waiting for the walls to fall, and that will inevitably take some time. Though travel restrictions to Cuba that have been in place for decades have been lifted, we still can’t just drop by for vacation. The necessary changes to US law could take quite a while to move through the capital. Right now, a bill for the lifting of the embargo imposing sanctions on US citizens and companies doing business in Cuba is moving through. But those restrictions can only be lifted if Cuba holds fair elections and guarantees free speech and workers’ rights to all of its citizens.

But as soon as U.S. companies are allowed in, airlines will be going crazy. And tourism comes next.

[Originally posted on as JetBlue is Paving the Way to Cuba.]


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