Horiyoshi III Womenswear Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Lookbook

One teaser and one behind the scenes look later, the Horiyoshi III label has finally released a full look at their Women’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.

This season they continue drawing inspiration from the tattoo master’s work and they do a surprisingly good job keeping it feminine considering the subject at hand. The Moonbat graphic is a key part of the line and the variations of dark colors used to represent the nocturnal animal on the clothing cleverly brings a unique, distinctive look to each piece. The scarves are another huge highlight with tigers, skulls and phoenixes colorfully gracing the cashmere. For dresses and skirts, we see kimono prints, clouds and floral imagery, which is a nice nod to the season, and when it gets a little chilly, leggings and cardigans will keep you warm from the colder days.

Overall, an impressive look. Check back tomorrow for the men’s collection.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana