Guide to Unique Photography: GUP Magazine 035.

We’re always stumbling upon new zines and sites. Here’s one worth mentioning – Gup No.35 by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello
Since 2005, GUP Magazine is an active player in the field of international (art-)photography, spreading its love and inspiration for photography in general and art-photography in specific. They started exclusively as a print publication but then expanded our community to include the website. They able to keep our readership even better informed about everything concerning the photographic scope.  Currently consulted by over 100 nationalities worldwide on a daily basis, and growing! With their network of hundreds of international renowned photographers, Gup has become an authority on (art-)photography and reach tens of thousands photography lovers around the globe. Their print publication is currently available in 26 countries worldwide and, besides Europe, targets the American and Canadian as well as the Australian market.

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