Glenford Nunez Photographs Black Natural Hair In Series ‘The Coiffure Project’

Baltimore-based photographer and founder of TYP Photography Studio, Glenford Nunez, celebrates black women and the beauty of their natural manes in his collection of portraits called ‘The Coiffure Project’. Starting as an accidental project, the photographer decided to take his photo collection of his natural hair assistant and turn it into a complete project photographing young black women who embrace their textures lovingly despite the contrasting perception of beauty popularized in the media. Using ten subjects for the first series, Nunez hopes to continue this project and will keep on the lookout for more women to photograph. Check the facebook page for upcoming projects from the TYP Photography Studio, the website here if you’d like to sign up to be apart of the project and the portrait collection below.

via Fashionbombdaily

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