Francisco Garcia – It’s Gonna Be A Good One

by Melissa Fox

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Francisco Garcia is one of those artists whose photography says a lot so he doesn’t have to. He’s got that sultry thing down pat, and his aesthetic is pure and simple, just how we like it.

You may have seen his work for Aritzia – they hooked him to shoot their Fall/Winter 2010 lookbook for TNA. He’s also done some ad stuff for Holt Renfrew, and his editorials have graced the pages of CONTRA (He shot our first anniversary cover), Fashion, Flare and Nylon… just to name a few.

Probably one of the most positive people I’ve come across, I was stoked when he agreed to let us feature 10 of his favourite images and answer a few of our questions – check it out after the jump.

Why do you shoot?

I think it was the only thing that kept my attention for so long. It’s that place where I feel the most comfortable.


Canon 1DS Mark II Canon TLb

How long have you been shooting?

5 years

What do you love shooting most?

I never know how to answer these questions….There are a lot of things out there to photograph. But if I were to pick something off the top of my head, I would say PEOPLE. Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Wee-Gees and so many others, had the eye to show us several different sides of human behaviour……I guess it’s the excitement of being a voyeur.

Favourite photographers?

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Larry Burrows, Robert Frank, Mario Sorrenti, Nick Knight, Richard Avedon, Jacob Aue Sobol – it’s a long list……

Worst shoot experience?

Still haven’t had one

Favourite shoot experience?

Every shoot that people leave smiling

What would be your dream shoot?

I can’t say……I don’t wanna jinx it.

What’s the perfect picture?

This is a monster of a question!!!!! It all depends, right? That’s the best thing about photography and art really. What is perfect to you is not perfect to me and vice versa…..I guess it’s a photograph that you can get lost in. Something that touches you in a special way…..I kind of look at Ansel Adams’s work that way. You can really get lost in those landscapes, and they were executed with such perfection. He was true master.

What’s next for you?

Tomorrow….it’s gonna be a good one!!!!!

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