Getting Technical – The Future of Fashion (Video)

A dress that knows when you’re horny, a company that makes light up shoes from youth cool again, here are a few directions that technological innovation is leading fashion.

First up, a dress from international design lab Studio Roosegaarde,, a high-tech dress that responds to physical signs of arousal by becoming transparent. It’s called “Intimacy,” the Daily Beast reports. The makers are also working on a suit that becomes transparent when the user lies. Errrr…

Intimacy 2.0 Interactive fashion by Studio Roosegaarde from Daan Roosegaarde on Vimeo.

And from Studio XO is a fashion and technology company that strives to make its inventions as wearable as they are innovative. They’re the people behind Azealia Banks’s mermaid bra, for example. Computational clothing, contact lenses that change colour in the blink of an eye – Studio XO’s Benjamin Males and Nancy Tilbury talk us through a world of seemingly endless possibilities..

Watch the video here.


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