Dr. Martens x Adrien Sauvage: THE STUDENT A Film By A. Sauvage (Video)

An instructional guide for those who wish to advance in Sauvage’s philosophy of ‘D.E’, Dress Easy.

Having outlined the core principals of ‘D.E’ in his first film ‘This Is Not A Suit’. ‘The Student’ explores the seemingly limitless potential of the ‘D.E’ philosophy. As the student advances, ‘D.E’ allows him to navigate the quickest route form A to B. What other functions can he experience through the Art of D.E.? Well, we will look into that.

The Student (2012)

Starring Craig Roberts
Narrated By Larry Lamb

Written & Directed by Adrien Sauvage

In collaboration with Dr.Martens

A Forever Pictures Production

Original Score John Greswell & Christopher Taylor MPM London

Script Editor Madeleine Morelet

Inspired By :
Gus Van Sant “Discipline Of De’
Jorgen Leth “The Perfect Human”

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