Download of the Day: Lee Gamble’s FACT Mix

CYRK sound sculptor Lee Gamble has enjoyed an overdue breakout year, largely on the strengths of the Diversions 1994-1996 LP issued by the equally ascendant PAN label this autumn. Essentially the sounds of rave splintering into grey matter, it is likely the most engrossing 25 minutes of audio calculus in recent months. Gamble took a simpler approach to his long-awaited FACT mix, however; it’s a bit more face-forward and packed with spiky and skeletal jams extracted from a four-to-the-floor meaning and whipped into propulsive braindance. Listen and download here. Pre-order a re-press of Diversions 1994-1996 here and check out Gamble’s even more recent release, Dutch Tvashar Plumes, while you’re at it.

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