Dizzee Rascal To Drop New EP New Year’s Day

Dizzee Rascal – Raskit! – is due to drop a new EP on New Year’s Day, NME reports. ‘It’s all new material and just a taster of all the good new music we got coming in the new year!’ the pioneering British grime artist-turned-Calvin Harris-collaborator says in a release. An accompanying video for ‘Bassline Junkie’ will reputedly ‘have people in stitches’, which is not necessarily something a classic Dizzee Rascal fan is looking for, but we’ll wait before we cast judgement on the clip.

For the impatient Dizzee fan, take heart in the news that the latest offering from Dirtee Stank’s ‘The Mixtape’ series is unveiled next Wednesday, Boxing Day. Likely to be very different than the rapper’s actual upcoming fifth LP, the mixtape is assembled by DJ MK and will feature contributions from Newham Generals, Chronik, Jammer, Bun B, Frisco and P Money. As with Wiley’s surprisingly good It’s All Fun And Games Till, Vol 1. (versus his recent Evolve or Be Extinct), here’s hoping this mixtape impresses us more than Rascal’s recent commercial ventures.

Here’s the legendary ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’ to remind us of Dizzee Rascal’s glory days:

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