Dismaland: A Terrifying Banksy Theme Park

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Image: Christopher Jobson

Banksy, the artist known worldwide for his controversial artistic and critical work, opens on Saturday in the resort town of Weston-super-Mare his most ambitious project to date. It is about a terrifying Disneyland park replica, which will be openned only for five weeks and will be located in the pure center of Weston seafront.

Passing by will make it difficult to not stay staring at his art work Dismaland, since it is full of  sinister structures that emerged almost  in the overnight and its doors invite you to not get in, even if curiosity makes you want it.

As in Disneyland, guests receive bracelets with a logo similar to the known symbol of Cinderella Castle, but the resemblance stops there. Find out if you are able to find the differences in the following photos and if by any chance you are in the UK, don’t doubt on visiting it (under your responsibility):

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