Did Jeremy Scott Rip Off Legendary Skateboard Artist Jimbo Phillips?

We often ask the question – however lame – what’s your inspiration? Wonder what Jeremy Scott would have to say to that. Question of the day: Did designer Jeremy Scott rip off legendary skateboard artist Jimbo Phillips? UH, HELL YAH. Just take a look at these undoctored images. This is epic fashion plagiarism I mean, come on. It’s so painfully obvious. Did Mr. Scott not think that the internet existed? Or that his demo was too young and ignorant to actually know a legendary artist like Mr. Jimbo Phillips? Do JS fashion freaks like skateboarding? Not necessarily. Actually, skateboarding is lame. But Jimbo’s melting face art is not. In fact it’s so good, Jeremy Scott based his recent A/W 2013 collection on it. Which is all fine and dandy. It happens in fashion, collections referencing many a thing, from art to pop culture, to architecture, food and so on. But not to my knowledge was there ever any mention of Jimbo Phillips as the reference for this season. I asked around like, did he do it well enough to pass? And the consistent answer around here is NO. Ok, negative nancies. You win. Good artist copy, great artist steal. Jeremy Scott tried to pass off someone else’s idea as his own, and that’s a whole different thing.


About the Author: Fernando Bendana