Dazed & Confused December Issue: #Fantasia!

A new issue, guest-edited by Nicola Formichetti and starring east Aisa’s most thrilling people, fashion and art. Let the panda-monium commence! Genki! This month, Dazed & Confused is guest-edited by MUGLER main man, Nicola Formichetti. In a fashion-packed issue, the Italian-Japanese trendsetter focuses on the youth boom of his east Asian homeland. “I feel that there’s been so much attention on Asia in the past couple of years, but nothing out there actually representing the real Asia,” Nicola told our editor Tim Noakes when the team started putting the issue together. “I was born and bred there, so I want to show what’s happening in real time. This generation has no fear, just pure excitement. Everything is new and progressive – I want to celebrate that.” Think J-pop icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! Think Chinese film sensation Angelababy! Think 20 pages of the most thrilling people in youth culture from the most thrilling part of the world right this second. Think four unique covers! Think #fantasia!

The new issue of Dazed & Confused, guest-edited by Nicola Formichetti, is out on Wednesday 14th November


via dazed

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