Daily Inspiration: Re-Exploring Prague

German-based culture site Electronic Beats is running a seven-part series on the current state of Prague’s sub-culture. The first segment, up now, explores the city’s cuisine and transit system via Josef Kaltenecker, who is the head chef of MÁV Utasellátó, where he’s captured in transit from Budapest. His endurance is impressive: ‘My shift lasts fourteen and a half hours, during which I prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything on the menu I cook with my own hands in the small and extremely hot steel kitchen.’

Most interesting is how he waxes poetic about the Czech reliance of trains over any other form of travel. There’s a serene nobility to how he he states: ‘I know many people for whom traveling with the train is like a philosophy. Especially within Europe where the distances are short, train travel can be a kind of calming experience. For instance, taking a train from Vienna or Munich or Berlin to Prague seems to be the only sensible thing to do. I wouldn’t even think to consider taking a plane. It’s all about pace and how you experience distances.’

Read part one of ’24 Hours in Prague’ in its entirety here; the remaining six segments will follow.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana