Daily Inspiration: DesignJournalists.com

We’ve come across a would-be hidden resource for design enthusiasts in DesignJournalists.com, which despite its fairly staid title, is actually a thoughtfully curated hub in which to find provocative visualists at work in the realms of architecture, design and journalism. ‘We have direct and continuous insight into the international design scene yet also keep a critical eye on it,’ they describe. They are artists who also write about other artists and developments in design culture. Somehow, this feels like a model we should all be watching.

We recommend reading some of the work there to see for yourself (available in English and German); rather than overflooding their minimalist site with links, they recommend monthly reading by their selected group of ‘correspondents’, including Sandra Pfeiffer, an Austrian-born, NYC-based based artist and writer. Also the editor at Getty Image’s RISE platform, she is featured in this month’s Baumeister architectural guide, where she interviews ‘urbaneer’ Mitchell Joachim, who grows houses from meat. We also liked Eva Steidl’s piece on Scandivanian installation artists Elmgreen & Dragset. Recommended perusing for inquiring aesthetic minds.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana