CONTRA tv presents Create + Influence: Episode 14 – Backbone by Nudie Jeans

Create + Influence is a CONTRA tv original series; conversations with the people about ideas that matter most to the creative class.

In Episode 1, we tackle themes of sustainability and transparency with Swedish denim company Nudie Jeans. They are proud to introduce their line of basics, Backbone, brought to the Nudie Jeans collection as an accessory to the denim. Effortless, functional, original timeless pieces to fit the everyday Nudie lifestyle. The story goes a bit beyond tanks, tees and tighty whities. We spoke with Ruari Mahon, head of PR & Marketing USA for Nudie here in New York City (Want Agency) about the Backbone line, its transition of production to FairTrade in India, sustainability, social responsibility, organic cotton and what it means to be transparent and how this all translates creatively into the newest member of the collection.

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