Cosmic Kittens & Other Tales

When I spotted Leitmotiv’s cat dress I loved it instantly. I loved it so much that I Photoshopped my head onto the models body. The legs didn’t match up though. I needed to know where I could get it. I needed to know more about it. What kind of genius would put a cat head on a dress in such a fantastical arrangement? A little research led me to Leitmotiv’s tumblr where I spent a good chunk of the afternoon browsing through their photos and picturing myself in many other pieces – even the menswear.

The Milan-based fashion line is actually mistakenly called Leitmotiv.  “It’s actually ‘Laitmotif‘ in German, but everyone pronounces it Leitmotiv“. It is spelled a handful of ways, but I’ve gathered  Leitmotiv literally means “the main theme”, but could also refer to a musical passage, which fits nicely into their description: Leitmotiv is not just an exit for clothing. It is like a music box, resting on a grey bare cupboard in a dusty room, and everyone knows that when the music box is opened, the air leaves a melody that somehow, like it or not, all the colour and shades and feelings come together. They are not only creating clothes, but more so a feeling. Pieces of art with stories behind them.

It sounds like a passage ripped from an unwritten fairytale. That magic music box, that dusty room, a melody that transports you to another place. It’s how, I am told, designer-founder duo Fabio Sasso  and Juan Caro initially met. “We met in the library, because we were seeking the same book.” I bet it was a fairytale book, which they admit is their favourite kind of read. Whether this is true or not, it says it all in explaining how these two designers see the world. No melancholy, no sadness. But many cosmic kittens. “L’ Universo Elegante”!


What is the story behind the cat dress?
The story is about a cosmic cat that travels in space. This cat represents femininity.

What is your favourite animal?
Our favourite animal is the dog.

What is the best thing about being in fashion in Italy?
The best thing is that Italy has a strong tradition in fashion. Italy pays attention to innovation, quality and excellence.

Do you care about trends?
We think that it’s important to be updated about fashion trends, but at the same time for us, it is fundamental to have a personal point of view for what we want to communicate.

How do you like to work? Together or separately and come together at the end?
The creative process is born together because we need to speak to each other. We are very different but, this diversity becomes fundamental for our work.

Did you study?
Fabio graduated in Arts then specialized as a tailor, and Juan graduated in Arts Academy. Both of us studied in Bologna, in the regions’ most ancient university.

Where do you get the crazy fabrics from?
Fabrics and prints come from a complex creative process. This work requires a delicate research, and this procedure doesn’t have rules, but it comes out thanks to our visions.

A woman looks best dressed in
Dresses that first of all, express her personality.

A man looks best dressed in…
What is able to distinguish himself… We think that the man world is very omologated.

What else do you enjoy doing besides making clothes?
We like to do a lot of things, we go out, go to gym, we love to fun, to travel…

It says the brand is not just to make clothes – what else comes from Leitmotiv?
Ideas and concepts.

What has been the best moment so far of 2012?
It is not finished yet so we have to discover it!

What is the worst?

What is next for Leitmotiv?
Innovate and renovate.

Any advices for people who want to be designers?
If you want to become a designer or work in a creative field, show your determination!

What are your feelings of the fashion world right now?
To make fashion does not mean simply to create a good dress, because discipline and sacrifices are a must. We admire people that did that and we think over the time they become reference points.

Why is fashion important?
Because fashion is culture.

Thanks to Chiara.


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